Your next visual expression
is just a few steps away!

The goal is not to say a 1000 words… The goal is to say the right ones!

Documentation or manipulation.
Supplement or edge.

A frame or graphic element.

CPHMASS works with photography as an effective visual tool and a form of communication that can both stand alone or be part of a larger whole.

CPHMASS solves a wide range of tasks within photography and image processing.

Values, thoughts and visions translated into graphic expressions.

Pixels or millimeters. RGB or CMYK.

The graphics should carry the content forward, whether it is on- or offline.

No two solutions are alike because all customers are different. It is creativity and professionalism that are at stake together.

CPHMASS provides graphic design and art directing for both print and web.
From logo designs, posters and business cards to major dtp assignments, ads and printed matter.

On the verge of disobedience
Across creativity
Always in line with the customers

CPHMASS crosses the boundaries between web, graphics and photography and accumulates solutions that visually and technically deliver results.

The truck that almost

killed me

The man behind

the mass

Jesper Friis is the man behind CPHMASS, and his story is part of the solutions.

Wild and frontier-seeking creative energy, which for several years juggles and mixes graffiti, skateboarding and punk music, got and targeted and possibly more constructive outlet with the establishment of CPHMASS in 2004.

Are you thinking way too hard at times
do you just have a question?

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